Facilitation for Meeting Leaders, Consultants, and Group Facilitators

Wayne J. Vick, CPF, MBA

Process-Based Facilitation is a 408 page book that shares a broad range of information for people that want to learn about group facilitation. It is the result of 25 years of facilitation experience, research and writing by a practicing facilitator/ consultant. Some associates call this book the "Facilitator's Bible." The book is organized into four parts with 17 chapters (see below). It is packed with practical advise, images, tables and worksheets and a 48 page basic facilitators toolkit.


  1. PART 1: Introduction to Facilitation
    1. Basic Skills of Facilitation
    2. Values of Facilitation
    3. Principles of Facilitation.
  2. PART 2: Approach to Process Based Facilitation
         4. Process-Based Facilitation Model
         5. Event Planning & Agenda Design
         6. The Group Process
         7. Session Opening
         8. Ground Rules
         9. Planning for Group Decisions
       10. Questioning Techniques
        11. Closing the Session
       12. Follow-Up
       13. Effective Listening Skills
  • PART 3: Advanced Concepts of Facilitation
       14. Co-Facilitation
       15. Facilitating Interventions
       16. Evaluating the Facilitator
  • PART 4: Facilitators Toolkit and Appendicies
       17. Basic Facilitation Toolkit
       Appendix 1: Glossary/Definitions
       Appendix 2: About the Authors
       Appendix 3. Bibliography
       Appendix 4: Index                                                  9/06/17

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