Facilitation for Meeting Leaders, Consultants, and Group Facilitators

Wayne J. Vick, CPF, MBA

Process-Based Facilitation is a 408 page book that shares a broad range of information for people that want to learn about group facilitation. It is the result of 25 years of facilitation experience, research and writing by a practicing facilitator/ consultant. The book has been organized into four parts with 17 chapters (as shown below). It is packed with images, tables and worksheets and a 48 page basic facilitators toolkit.


  1. PART 1: Introduction to Facilitation
    1. Basic Skills of Facilitation
    2. Values of Facilitation
    3. Principles of Facilitation.
  2. PART 2: Approach to Process Based Facilitation
         4. Process-Based Facilitation Model
         5. Event Planning & Agenda Design
         6. The Group Process
         7. Session Opening
         8. Ground Rules
         9. Planning for Group Decisions
       10. Questioning Techniques
        11. Closing the Session
       12. Follow-Up
       13. Effective Listening Skills
  • PART 3: Advanced Concepts of Facilitation
       14. Co-Facilitation
       15. Facilitating Interventions
       16. Evaluating the Facilitator
  • PART 4: Facilitators Toolkit and Appendicies
       17. Basic Facilitation Toolkit
       Appendix 1: Glossary/Definitions
       Appendix 2: About the Authors
       Appendix 3. Bibliography
       Appendix 4: Index                                                  9/06/17

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