A high-level approach to something for which several models or frameworks may be designed.

Implements with physical characteristics through which various techniques are applied. (Eg. Markers, Butcher paper, Wall, Wrench)

Constructs of process, step-by-step procedures, designed to do something specific and often strung together with Tools to form Methods.

Worksheets and Assessments are tools that can be used by the facilitator during an event that covers a wide variety of uses and formats.

Designed approaches to a problem, or an idea used to describe reality as related to an area.  Often recognized by the inclusion of proscriptive steps.

Facilitation Planning Techniques are used to document the way the facilitator does some things not specifically related to the client.

Most Recent Articles

Most Recent Articles

Most Recent Articles

These Article Archives are a rotating sampling of articles composed in specific formats that were originally researched and written to explore the topic as related to consulting and facilitation. They have been pulled together and published as part of the "Process-Based Facilitation"  (Chapter 17), the soon to be published "Process-Based Facilitator's Toolkit" and our "Emergency and Disaster Prepareness" books.