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We are avid practitioners, researchers, and writers. Our books can be found here.


We are professional group and meeting facilitators teaching our skills to everyone.

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We provide various colored sticky walls pre-treated with adhesive in one size.

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Process-Based Facilitation
Facilitation for Meeting Leaders, Consultants and Group Facilitators
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Concepts, Models, Frameworks, Tools, Techniques, and Worksheets for Group Facilitators.
                                       Coming Soon.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

A prepper's guide to emergency planning for the family.
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Process-Based facilitation is developed around the only industry model that actually represents the process professional facilitators use to facilitate groups. Review the training schedule on the course detail pages accessable on the Training page.

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I have been producing and providing sticky walls to group facilitators, consultants and trainers since 1998. Check out my inventory. If you don't see what you want, call me and I'll see what I can do to meet your needs.

Due to a number of reoccurring issues I am working to transition to a new ecommerce solution. During this period (27 Jan - 10 Feb) I will also be producing Sticky Walls. Place your order 1 time. It will be declined but that will get your order in the production que. I will contact you when your order is ready to ship for payment.
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A hip-pocket resource designed to be used by every CERT member . 51 pages
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CERT Field Guide

Process-Based Facilitator's Toolkit
If you experience any issues with your first attempt to order, please give Wayne a call at 202-498-2310 and he will personnally complete your order. 



Pursuing a life-long passion for preparedness we are developing a series of tools to get prepared.

CERT Handbook

This handbook provides detailed information for developing the knowledge of CERT members. It aligns with the CERT Field and Team Training Guides.       Coming Summer 2020
An on-hand resource used by CERT Team Leaders for developing the knowledge and skills of their team members.       Coming Fall 2020

CERT Team Training Guide

CERT Field Guide
Advanced Edition
A greatly expanded 95 page hip-pocket resource designed to be used by every CERT member.  Coming Spring 2020