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Our group facilitators are highly trained professionals with many years of experience. They are independent business owners working together to better support individual client needs.

Facilitators are process experts around issues involving human dynamics and group process. They construct processes that are focused to achieve a stated purpose and meet desired outcomes.
Facilitators work using a variety of tools and techniques (often referred to as methods) to engage participants in ways that deliver on the desired outcomes while utilizing the knowledge and energy of the group to create success.
Professional facilitators often start out as general facilitators; simply helping small groups through the group process while they solve a problem, plan a new product, execute a strategy or simply hold a meeting. As they gain experience and training they tend to specialize in one or two areas related to the industry of their previous profession. Facilitation specialties include, among others, events like strategic planning, partnering, team building, business processes, lean/six sigma, and large group events.

The Facilitation Center provides Professional and Certified Group Facilitators, all highly trained, with a broad level of experience working at various organizational levels and in different industry sectors.

Most facilitators are drawn to this work from experiences they had at work. At first they seek out training so they can be more effective in their own meetings. Eventually, they choose to transition their work to become full-time or professional facilitators because they find that they are more satisfied with their contribution, in the role of the facilitator.


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