Course Description:

This course is one of the few courses that actually teaches people how to plan and execute an effective meeting. Designed by Professional Group Facilitators the Ten Commandments provides a 42-page Student Guide which includes 11 pages of worksheets and forms.

The course is presented in five phases reviewing each of the Ten Commandments. Each Commandment is presented in a "Minimum" level to be successful, which is followed by "A Step Beyond" discussing world class practices. Key elements to this method is the Effective Meeting Survey approach with three evaluation forms for participant or an assigned observer evaluation which can be tracked over time to reflect how well you are improving.

Who Benefits:

Anyone that leads group meetings including: team leaders, supervisors, managers, executives, Human Resource professionals, consultants, trainers and instructors.

Prerequisites:   None.

Cost:    Public Course:   Early Bird: $ 200   (6 months to 3 months before)
                                 Regular:  $ 250   (3 months to 3 weeks before)
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Ten Commandments of Effective Meetings

1/2-Day Course

Class Size:    (Minimum):    15   (Maximum):  50


     Dec 8, 2017    0830 - 1300    Washington, DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)    

     Mar 9, 2018    0830 - 1300    Washington DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)    

     Jun 8, 2018   0830 - 1300    Washington DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)     Register for this Class



          1st - Thou Shall Hold Only Necessary Meetings
          2nd - Thou Shall Plan All Meetings
          3rd - Thou Shall deliver an Advanced Agenda
          4th - Thou Shall Set Up Meeting Space
          5th - Thou Shall Start and End On Time
          6th - Thou Shall Kick-Off the Meeting
          7th - Thou Shall Keep a Visual Record
          8th - Thou Shall Walk the Walls
          9th - Thou ShallAssess the Meeting
        10th - Thou Shall Publish Meeting Notes