Next to the flip chart the Sticky Wall is the most popular  facilitation tool for working with groups. With the possible exception of Sticky Notes, it provides the greatest level of flexibility for working with groups than most any other tools (computers, butcher paper, etc.). It is highly portable, does not require electricity or even an internet connection and it can be used nearly anywhere. Sticky walls are made with 60 inch wide Rip-Stop nylon (1. to 1.6 oz./yard) and can be made in any length. Process-Based Facilitators produces

Base Price: $70.00

Some sticky walls are very popular and hard to keep in stock while materials for others are difficult or expensive to acquire. Because of this some colors have price offsets (up or down).
    Colors              Price Offset
     by popularity                        from Base
            Red denotes special order items
  • Royal Blue                          + $3.00
  • Purple
  • Kelly (Medium Green)     + $1.00
  • Navy (Dark Blue)
  • Spruce (Dark Green)
  • Red                                      - $2.00
  • Burgundy (Dark Red)       - $3.00
  • OD Green
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Black                                    + $5.00
Volume Discounts:
We offer volume discounts for sticky walls in five stages:
   Units Ordered     Discount
      1 -   5        No Discount
      6 - 10          5% off
    11 - 30        10% off
    31 - 80        15% off
 Using multiple sticky walls with large project.
 Using sticky walls  to flow diagram new or As-Is processes.

sticky walls only in a length of 12 feet long. As Wayne has said, "You can make a 12 foot sticky wall 6 foot long but you cannot make a 6 foot sticky wall 12 foot long." Sticky walls are treated with a spray repositionable adhesive (3M Spray Mount Artist Adhesive) available in 10.25 ounce cans at most office supply stores and 4.4 ounce cans at Michael's Arts and Craft Store. Unlike other suppliers we pre-treat our panels with two coats of the 3M adhesive applied in two different directions to ensure an even coating before packaging so that the wall panels are ready to use out of the package.

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