Strategic Planning Model Overview
     PSP Pre-Planning Worksheets
     Facilitaor's Planning Worksheets
          Project intake, Event Logistics, Agendas, Session Opening Worksheet, 
          Orientation  to Strategic Planning.
      A. Define the Journey
          Develop Group Purpose and Vision Statements and Optional : Review Higher-      
          Level Plans & Impacts, Mission Development or Review Current Mission, Values
          and Guiding Principle Workshops.
     B. Identify Rocks in the Road
          Rocks-in-the-Road Workshop and Optional: Data Review (Internal) and Potholes-
          in-the-Road Workshop.
     C. Establish Elements of the Best Paths
          Issues to Potential Actions and Best Path Workshop, and Optional: Gap Analysis
          and Relational Analysis.
     D. Actions to Implement the Journey
          Prioritize and Select the Goals, Develop Goal/Action Plans and Path Forward, with
          Optional: Detailed Gaol/Action Plans. Session Closing Worksheet Steps 7, and
          Documenting Your Strategic Plan.
Who Benefits:
Anyone that leads group meetings that need to do planning including: group facilitators, team leaders, supervisors, managers, executives, Human Resource professionals, and consultants.

Prerequisites:   None.

Cost:    Public Course: Early Bird: $ 1200   (6 months to 3 months before)

                                 Regular: $ 1350   (3 months to 3 weeks before)

                                Other discounts: Call 
Private Course:    Available Call for Pricing
Refund Policy: No refunds for no shows or withdraws within 2 weeks of the course start date.


Facilitating Practical Strategic Planning

3-Day Course

Class Size:    (Minimum):    6   (Maximum):  18


     Dec 13 - 15, 2017             Washington, DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)     Register for this Class
     Mar 14 - 16, 2018             Washington DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)      Register for this Class
     Jun 13 - 15, 2018             Washington DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)      Register for this Class
Course Description:
This course teaches a simplified and practical approach to strategic planning. This method places long-term planning within reach of any organization or group. Presented in a 98-page workbook it includes the basic PSP model with 8 basic strategic planning activities. We also includes 10 ooptional  activities that can be added to enhance and adapt the process to meet the needs of any organization or group.