A prepper's guide to emergency planning for the family

Wayne J. Vick, MBA

Disasters appear to be occurring at a greater rate every year. Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Andrew and Harvey, wildfires in CA, OR, WA and ID, containment failures of toxic mining waste causing flashfloods in CO and WV, statewide flooding in SC, MS, AR, TX and LA, Supercell tornado outbreaks in TX, OK, KS, AR, MO, IA and IL, terrorism, disease, irresponsible corporate behavior and unchecked crime. Disaster after disaster seems to multiply and strike one after another. Death and destruction is occurring on an unprecedented scale with local, state and federal governments that appear to be unable, or unwilling, to keep up, even though they spend billions of our tax dollars on preparedness each year.

Where does this leave you and your family? If you live after the next disaster strikes, will you be among the suffering masses that lose everything? Or will you be among the few, responsible citizens, prepared to take care of your family and maybe even help out your neighbors and friends.

This workbook is designed to help you think about, prepare, and build a plan to survive based on rational thinking, not hyperbole intended to scare you.

      1. Emergency Preparedness Family Planning
      2. Create a Family Emergency Plan
      3. Complete Your Checklists
      4. Build Your Emergency Preparedness Kits
      5. Consider Personal Weapons
        6. Manage and Practice the Plan
        Appendix I: Threat Information Sheets
          (24 Threat Information Sheets)

  Front of Family Emergency Plan                Threat Information Sheet               Detailed Family Impact Assessment            Take-Away Kit Content List

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Appendix II: Family Emergency Plan
Appendix III: Emergency Kit System
Appendix IV: Forms and Worksheets