Community Emergency Response Team
Field Guide

Wayne J. Vick, MBA

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For many Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members Basic training may be the only training they receive. It is more likely than not, that their training has not kept up their level of knowledge or skills on how to effectively respond when pressed during a disaster. Now, when a disaster strikes, they will likely have trouble remembering what to do. The CERT Field Guide is the first of three solutions being developed to reduce the loss of knowledge and increase the impact of every CERT member during a disaster. This Field Guide was designed to be a hands-on reference kept in the CERT backpack and used to remind trained CERT members of what and how to do things at various stages of a disaster response. It has small
copies of a dozen CERT forms used in all aspects of the disaster response.
Ideally this field guide will be presented to CERT members as a final review of course content just prior to their final exercise.
That is why it has been priced for quantity sales.


What to considered when setting up Medical?               What buildings are Safe for CERT to Search                      20 Methods for Carrying Survivors             

            What is the Size-Up Method?                                 HazMat Transport & Storage Placards                 Special forms to cover gaps in Basic CERT Forms