Course Description:

This basic-level group facilitation course is designed for the new facilitator. It is focused on Part 1 of Process-Based Facilitation which includes Chapters 1 through 3. Course work points to detailed content within Part 2 and, to a small extent, Part 3 of the book.

The course if focused on providing information and developing the skills needed to facilitate a focused conversation among a small- to medium-sized group and to plan and facilitate routine group meetings using either the Group Process model or any other specific model (problem solving, action planning, etc.) It is conducted through four "Rounds" using the Process-Based Facilitation Model. The course provides the 408-page Process-Based Facilitation book and an 80-page  Student Guide which includes 19 pages of worksheets and useful forms not found in the course book.


  • Starting: Ground Rules, Facilitator Roles, Purpose of Facilitation, Definitions, Commonly Used Terms.
  • Round 1 - Process-Based Facilitation Model: Group Process, Five Patterns of Group Collaboration, Planning, Getting Started: Kick-Off the Event, Organizing the Work Space, Agenda Activity Cycle, Focus the Group, Gathering Data, Processing Information, Decisions, Interventions, Session Closing and Follow-Up.
  • Round 2 - Event Planning: Focused Conversations, Question Plans
  • Round 3 - Model-Based Events
  • Round 4 - Planning a Future Meeting and Practice Facilitation

Who Benefits:

Anyone that leads group meetings including: team leaders, supervisors, managers, executives, Human Resource professionals, consultants, trainers and instructors.

Prerequisites:   None.

Cost:    Public Course:   Early Bird: $ 1,050
                                  Regular:  $ 1,200
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Private Course:    Available: Call for Pricing


Basic Facilitation

3-Day Course

Class Size:    (Minimum):    6   (Maximum):  18


     December 5 - 7, 2017       Washington, DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)    

     March 6 - 8, 2018             Washington DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)     

     June 5 - 7, 2018             Washington DC (Hilton Hotel, Springfield, VA)      Register for this Class