Butcher Paper: This tool is usually found in rolls of 40 or 50 lb. virgin paper in lengths of 1,100 feet. For group event purpose 24" to 48" wide is best.
Graphic Recording: This is a documentation method used by specialty facilitators to graphically track the progress of the work group.
Portable Facilitation Wall: The walls of work spaces are not always optimized for facilitated groups. Having portable walls to use as workspace is critical to the success of the group.
Sticky Notes in Facilitation: With the larger note sizes facilitators use them to work with small to medium groups.
Sticky Walls:  A fabric sprayed with a repositionable adhesive that is taped or pinned to the wall in the group work space is ideal for small and medium sized work groups.
Sticky Walls - Tool Time: This article introduces sticky walls to facilitators and group leaders.
Wall Templates - Tool Time: These tools are specially designed butcher paper in various sizes with pre-printed/ graphic approaches to doing specific things.


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