Appreciative Inquiry:  A Philosophy and methodology focused on asking unconditionally positive questions to tap into the creative "life force of groups.
Competency Modeling: A systematic approach to the identification of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities needed to  operate a "Results-Focused" organization.
Conference Process: A large-scale group intervention approach designed to overcome chronic roadblocks to initiate the implementation of strategic change.
Delphi Process: Developed as a forecasting technique it was later developed to generate a reliable consensus among people with knowledge on a subject using questionnaires. 
Emergenetics: is a brain-based approach to personality profiling with insights into thinking styles ans behavior patterns that help individuals interact with others.
Scenario Planning: is a model used for group learning about the future by understanding the nature and impact of uncertain and important driving forces that affect our world.


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A standard, representation, design or construct of an approach to doing something specific.
A construct describing a detailed way of doing something, created around a system or theory to represent how the world operates with respect to that idea.
Describes the preliminary work or construct, as in a plan, for how something works; a schematic description of a system, theory or phenomenon that accounts for its known or inferred properties.

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